Spanish Classes in Buenos Aires

Spanish Classes

We are the first institute in Buenos Aires to provide both internationally accredited TEFL training and certified Spanish classes all in one challenging and fun combined course. Learning Spanish is extremely helpful for our students to be better teachers of English as a Second or Foreign Language by understanding themselves what it is like to learn another language. This Spanish course offers 20 lessons each week and is the right one for those preferring to study while seeing Buenos Aires and taking part in many other activities, such as Tango or before or after the TEFL Certification Course. This Spanish program includes study material in all the learning skills of Spanish. This schedule of 4 lessons daily enables you to study while you enjoy Buenos Aires.

Spanish + TEFL in Buenos Aires

If you wish to take advantage of learning Spanish as well as become TEFL /TESOL certified, Íbero Spanish School in Buenos Aires can make this happen! 

Buenos Aires TEFL Institute works in partnership with Íbero Spanish School to offer affordable and excellent Spanish immersion classes in Buenos Aires.

Knowing Spanish is a huge advantage for finding work abroad and being able to teach English as a Second or Foreign Language will only multiply the amount of opportunities available to you. There are many advantages to learning to speak proper Spanish. Students who are able to master the Spanish language will be a step ahead of their peers, and will easily be able to find jobs using both their new Spanish language skills and their native languages.

If you want to travel and even live in a Spanish speaking country, speaking the language will not only make life a bit easier, but will allow you to more fully take advantage of what the city has to offer. Not speaking the dominant language of a country makes it difficult to get the most from your experience and limits how much you get to know the city and its people. From experiencing theater, going to movies, enjoying literature by local authors, or seeing a local band play live, knowing Spanish will only make your experiences more gratifying. There is no limit to the number of things you can do, places you can go, and interesting people you will meet when you decide to study Spanish. In addition to a skill that will serve you years to come, the experience of learning Spanish abroad will bond you to a group of students who are going through the same process. Moreover, studying Spanish in a country such as Argentina will facilitate your immersion experience and allow you to gain a more complete grasp of the language. Your Spanish study will expose you to the culture and people of not just Buenos Aires, but any other place where you end up traveling.

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