Accommodations in Buenos Aires

Our accommodation ensures you find the perfect home away from home.Below you will find some information on the accommodation we normally offer to our TEFL students. The most popular option is the 56 nights. You can find the prices for each below. You can also contact us if you have more questions or requests.

Feel at home

  • All accommodations are regularly checked by our school and are in very safe buildings with 24-hour security.
  • All student housing rooms are fully furnished with shared bathrooms, Internet, and use of the common spaces in the house (living room, kitchen, balcony etc…).
  • We only offer accommodation at safe and comfortable locations and shared apartments. In most cases, at walking distance to the school or with easy access to public transportation.
  • In order to complete your accommodation booking with us, it is a sine qua non requirement to provide your flight information (exact day and time of arrival, flight number and airline). This for the person at your accommodation to have an approximate schedule or idea of when to expect you.
  • Bed linens and towels are provided by the host family. The host family will be happy to launder the sheets and towels once a week. Students are responsible for personal laundry. Internet access is available and telephone access is restricted depending on the host family.



  • Stay with other students. Live with other students from all over the world. Enjoy your experience in Buenos Aires and make friends for life.
  • Be independent. Staying with other international students means you have more freedom. It’s a good choice if you enjoy your independence and privacy.
  • Make new friends. Get to know a lot of people in a short time. Meet interesting people from many different countries and diverse backgrounds.
  • Fun atmosphere. Staying with other students means there’s always someone for you to talk to. There are common areas to share and always new people to meet.
  • Convenient for public transport.Our accommodation options are well-networked in terms of public transport, making it easy for you to get to school
  • The Argentine homes we work with are selected, visited and approved by our staff. We screen all potential housing options to ensure they comply with our expectations of comfort and security. 
  • You can book a homestay or shared apartment for 28 or 56 nights.



  • Private bedroom
  • Own key to come and go as you please. It is not allowed to bring strangers to your accommodation.
  • Internet access (WIFI)
  • Meet new friends and develop long lasting friendships.
  • Be part of a community of Teachers and get help in anything you may need during your first time period in Buenos Aires.
  • Our accommodations are in safe neighborhoods and centrally located. Our homestay program does not only put a roof over your head, it integrates you into the language and culture of Buenos Aires. For this reason, the minimum homestay is 28 nights.

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