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Teaching English abroad is a great way to travel, see the world, and gain great professional experience for your resume.

A chance to see the world and experience a different culture is an extremely rewarding and unique adventure. There are various benefits that you will gain while teaching English in Argentina or abroad. Not only will you grow as a person, but you will learn so much about yourself in the process. Teaching English abroad combines all the fun of traveling, while gaining real world experience that will without a doubt help you in your future endeavors. 

Many people long to go beyond the routine of their daily lives, to get out and see the world. Teaching English in Buenos Aires or abroad is one of the few professions that allows you to do that while maintaining a stable, fulfilling job. A position instructing in another country offers you the opportunity to travel to a land that people pay thousands of dollars to visit for only a few days on vacation. Instead, English language teachers working abroad resettle overseas for six months to a year or more, an arrangement that allows them to fully explore their host-country, Argentina, and the neighboring nations. 


Unlike studying abroad for a semester, which probably cost you and/or your parents a good deal of money, when you teach English online or abroad you may actually get paid to live in a foreign country like Brazil, Argentina, or Spain. How cool is that?

In Buenos Aires, Argentina, first-time English teachers can earn a wage that enables you to live comfortably, cover the bills (rent, food, transportation) and enjoy travel and other recreational pursuits. 

As an English teacher, I am able to immerse myself in the daily life and culture of a foreign country like Argentina even more deeply than while studying abroad. Teaching abroad allows me to live in a typical middle class neighborhood, shop at local markets, ride to work on local transportation and hang out at the corner café, tavern or sake bar with my neighbors. Providing me with an opportunity to experience a foreign culture to a degree my friends back home could only dream of.   

Teaching English abroad also allows you to gain international work experience for your resume. In the globalized, multicultural world of the 21st century, employers increasingly value international professional experience as they look to hire those with proven abilities to comfortably work with people from different backgrounds and cultures. Moving halfway around the world and teaching English in Argentina also proves that you possess initiative and that you have the courage and ability to adapt to a new environment and circumstances, and that you are not afraid to move out of your comfort zone and taken on new challenges.


Teaching abroad is also almost always accompanied with a number of unique non-monetary benefits. 

The opportunity to work with and get to know Argentinians or locals, while helping them can be very rewarding to those who are passionate about teaching. Some of your students may even become lifelong friends. Teaching abroad gives you the opportunity to work with others and even choose what types of people you wish to work with. Kids, business owners, parents, locals, there are all kinds of different opportunities out there. 

The opportunities and benefits of teaching English in Argentina, online or abroad are endless. The question should not be whether or not it's worth it, because it definitely is. The question should be, when and how can I do it? If you are adventurous, wish to see the world, and gain knowledge from other cultures, then teaching English is a good option for you. 


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