Address 83 Piedras Street, 3rd floor E, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Volunteer English Teaching Program

Volunteering, Internship teaching English to native Spanish speakers from Argentina and Latin America, Accommodation and Spanish classes.

Immerse yourself in the European latino culture of Buenos Aires, benefit from this unique opportunity to learn Spanish and Teach English to people from Argentina and Latin America, living in Buenos Aires.

  • Gain invaluable teaching experience while living in a bustling metropolitan area, surrounded by rich history and dynamic cultural experiences.
  • Enhance your own language abilities with 10 hours of personalized Spanish classes per week, ensuring rapid progress and a deep understanding of the local language.
  • Enjoy comfortable accommodation in a charming vintage house, Palacio Piedras, right in the heart of Buenos Aires, making it easy to explore the city during your free time.
  • Build lifelong connections with students and fellow volunteers, creating a global network of support, collaboration, and friendship that extends beyond borders.


We offer a comprehensive experience, including teaching English to native Spanish speakers from Argentina and Latin America both in person and online. The program includes:

• Spanish Classes: Participants will benefit from 10 hours of Spanish classes per week in very small groups, ensuring personalized attention and rapid progress.

• Accommodation: We provide comfortable accommodation in a charming vintage house, Palacio Piedras, located in downtown Buenos Aires.

• Teaching Experience: Participants will teach English to native Spanish speakers, gaining valuable teaching experience and contributing to the local community.

This program is ideal for those who seek English teaching experience. Additionally, it offers professional development by combining academic learning with practical application, helping participants develop essential life skills such as adaptability, problem-solving, and leadership. It offers the solution for those looking to teach English in Argentina and are already certified but do not have much experience teaching or those who just want to teach English in Argentina. It also provides the unique opportunity to learn Spanish in Buenos Aires and offers accommodation during the program period.

Our project is rooted in the belief that education is a powerful tool for social change. By providing accessible and affordable language education, we help break the cycle of poverty and inequality. Participants become agents of change, actively contributing to a more equitable society. Their efforts create a lasting legacy of empowerment and opportunity for future generations.

Expand your horizons and enjoy from teaching and from building up your resume with valuable teaching experience. Our program offers the opportunity to teach English in Argentina with in person and online English classes as well as learning Spanish in very small classes. It includes the volunteer program, accommodation  and Spanish immersion classes. Our Spanish program is designed to expose students to all facets of the Spanish language: written practice, conversational skills, listening and comprehension ability as well as grammatical instruction for which you would have to complete a learning level in three weeks which is the minimum you’d need to go the fast way and progress learning more Spanish in less time

Through our program, participants build lifelong connections with people from diverse backgrounds. These relationships extend beyond borders, fostering a global network of support, collaboration, and friendship. The bonds formed through shared experiences create a sense of belonging and community that lasts a lifetime. Participants not only acquire new knowledge but also develop essential life skills such as adaptability, problem-solving, and leadership. This comprehensive growth prepares individuals to navigate an increasingly interconnected world with confidence and competence.

Join us in this transformative journey and witness how our social project can produce a lasting impact on your life and the lives of those you touch. Together, we can create a brighter future through education, cultural exchange, and community empowerment.


Ready to bring about positive change? 

These are some of the advantages of our program

  • Community Engagement: Our volunteers work directly with our local community, teaching English. This not only improves language skills but also opens up new opportunities for the local population, enhancing their future prospects.
  • Cultural Exchange: Volunteers gain a deep understanding of Argentine culture while sharing their own, fostering mutual respect and global awareness.
  • Skill Development: Our programs include comprehensive training and practical teaching experience, which equips volunteers with valuable skills that benefit both their personal and professional lives.
  • Supportive Environment: We provide ongoing support to our volunteers, ensuring they feel prepared and confident in their roles. This includes orientation sessions, regular check-ins, and resources for effective teaching.
  • Sustainable Impact: By focusing on education, our programs contribute to long-term community development. Teaching English enhances communication skills, increasing employability and access to further education. 
  • Safe and Supportive Living Arrangements: All our programs are based at Palacio Piedras, a safe and welcoming environment where volunteers live alongside a community of teachers. This setup promotes a sense of camaraderie and provides additional opportunities for learning and support. Additionally, volunteers have the chance to learn Spanish, enriching their experience and improving their ability to connect with the local community.

Living, studying and working in Buenos Aires provides an immersive cultural experience that broadens perspectives and fosters empathy.

Our program is ideal for TEFL or CELTA qualified individuals without much teaching experience or just for those looking to teach English in Argentina, looking for a great experience. You will be able to teach English to native Spanish speakers in person and sometimes online and build your confidence in teaching, which is a skill for life. Join our friendly, professionally run program in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

Our school and accommodation is located in downtown Buenos Aires, therefore our location is super practical and the accommodations offered are comfortable and safe.
Buenos Aires is a fantastic city for meeting new people and having memorable experiences. Another great feature of Buenos Aires is its low cost of living in comparison to other cities of its size and stature. If you want to teach English while traveling, Buenos Aires is a great place to start.We are located at Palacio Piedras, an elegant, vintage and beautiful French house in downtown Buenos Aires, where we are hosts of an English and Spanish language program. 

A rewarding experience

Each Volunteer Teacher will benefit from a complete cultural exchange by staying at Palacio Piedras with other international students studying Spanish in Buenos Aires. They will learn and improve their current Spanish language abilities while getting experience in teaching the English language to people from different backgrounds and ages from Argentina and from other countries in Latin America. You will for sure enjoy your time here living in a community of teachers in downtown Buenos Aires. All Teachers will be able to learn Spanish and to benefit from gaining further teaching experience in the field of English Language Teaching.

Language exchange is offered in the shape of Spanish language lessons at our small language school here in Buenos Aires, Argentina. You will receive 10 hours per week of Spanish classes, which is super valuable. We do not offer food. We offer Spanish classes and accommodation with all utilities.Spanish language classes are available 2 hours per day, 10 hours weekly.

Shared apartment, an elegant, vintage and beautiful space 

With an exceptional downtown location, Palacio Piedras hosts an international educational program since it is a very spacious, tranquil oasis for those seeking to expand their knowledge or creativity. for intellectuals and artists. 

Nestled in the heart of vibrant downtown Buenos Aires, Palacio Piedras is a hidden gem that combines vintage charm, spacious accommodations, and an inspiring environment, making it the perfect retreat for intellectuals and artists alike.

The spacious rooms at Palacio Piedras are a sanctuary of tranquility in the midst of the bustling city. With high ceilings, large windows that bathe the rooms in natural light, and carefully curated furnishings, guests are afforded the perfect balance between comfort and elegance. Whether you're looking for a cozy reading nook, a place to work on your art, or simply a space to relax, you'll find it within these walls.

The common areas provide ample opportunities to connect with fellow guests who share a passion for culture, art, and intellectual exploration.Located in the heart of downtown Buenos Aires, Palacio Piedras offers easy access to the city's cultural, culinary, and artistic attractions. The historic neighborhood brims with theaters, museums, galleries, and a myriad of dining options, ensuring that your stay is as culturally rich as it is comfortable.

Palacio Piedras is more than just a place to stay; it's a destination in itself, where vintage charm meets spacious tranquility.Your visit to Buenos Aires will be truly unforgettable when you make Palacio Piedras your home away from home.




 1. To be an English NATIVE speaker or fluent in English, from any nationality.
2. To be able to enter Argentina on a tourist visa.
3. To be at least 18 years old.
3. To be already TEFL or CELTA certified is desirable.
4. A laptop is COMPULSORY
6. Availability to Teach in person and online classes to native speakers from Argentina 20 hours per week.
7. To be committed and professional.

8. Outgoing/energetic/fun people, professional, punctual, flexibility and willingness to learn new activities.

9. To be in good health to undergo an intensive work load and show proof upon application via health statement, certificate.

10. To have a clean criminal record and show proof of it.

11. Not to have cognitive problems or addiction to drugs and alcohol. 

12.To abide by the program rules and to sign an accommodation and behavior agreement before the start of the paid volunteering opportunity. 




1. Immersive experience.
2. Young, dynamic and relaxed teaching environment.
3. Professional language school located in downtown Buenos Aires.
4. Meet people from Argentina and connect with our culture.
5. Learn Spanish or improve your current skills in a small group with native Spanish Teachers from Argentina.
6. Teach English to adults, teenagers and children from Argentina but mainly to adults.
7. We are a professional program. We are looking for responsible individuals.
8. Downtown location, unique vintage accommodation, Palacio Piedras, recommended by all Teachers.
9. We will offer to you at no extra cost exclusive unique Spanish learning textbooks for each Spanish level.
10. Use your free time in the best way with all attractions nearby since our accommodation location is super practical and the best possible.

11. Gain teaching experience with in person and online English classes to native Spanish speakers from Argentina and Latin America.

12. Learn Spanish in Argentina and gain experience teaching English with motivated learners from Argentina.

13. Be part of the local community. Supportive and friendly work atmosphere. With experienced staff always happy to help.

14. Continuous professional development, with regular provision of effective resources.

15. Spanish classes and accommodation, included.

16. Ongoing Support in Argentina, with integration into the local community

17. Spanish Diploma upon complete course completion

18. Internship Diploma upon completion

Social Impact

Our social project leverages the transformative power of language and immersive experiences to create profound personal and community impact. Participants learn Spanish and gain practical teaching experience in Buenos Aires, enhancing their personal and professional growth. By teaching English, they empower local students, bridging communication gaps and promoting social equity. This unique program fosters cultural understanding, builds lifelong connections, and prepares individuals to navigate a globalized world with confidence, ultimately contributing to a more interconnected and inclusive society.

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Program Start Dates and Duration

Our innovative language and teaching program offers flexible start dates to accommodate your schedule. Participants can begin the program any Monday, ensuring you have the freedom to start at a time that best suits you.


  • The program runs for 8 weeks, providing an immersive and comprehensive experience in both learning Spanish and teaching English.

Check-In Times:

  • Check-in times are from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM on your chosen start date. This allows for a smooth transition and ample time to settle in before beginning your journey.

We look forward to welcoming you to Buenos Aires and embarking on this transformative experience together!


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Total Cost 2500 USD

 It includes

Airport Pick up service, always respecting check in times

8 week accommodation, WIFI and utilities included

8 week Spanish classes, 10 hours per week

Small group Spanish classes 

Learning materials for the Spanish classes

Diploma, Spanish classes

Diploma, Internship


It does not include

Visa costs


A salary

Food or other expenses when studying Spanish

Spending money according to your lifestyle





In order to apply for this program, please follow the guidelines below

  1. You have to be eligible for a tourist visa of at least 90 days in order to enter Argentina. Please bear in mind our organization does not specialize in visas, therefore you would have to take care of that process as entering Argentina on a tourist visa is a must for this program.
  2. You can be a native English speaker or fluent in English, from any nationality.
  3. Complete the application form below and once we receive it, we will get back to you with a conformation email and application information.
  4. Once you have applied, you will have a week to complete the program fee.
  5. You can contact us with questions at any stage of your application.
  6. At our organization, we hold a deep appreciation for commitment and the timely nature of our programs. Therefore, we kindly request that once an application for our volunteer English program has been submitted, a response is expected within 24 hours. We understand the significance of commitment in ensuring the success of our initiatives, and your prompt communication plays a vital role in this process.
  7. Your swift response is greatly valued and appreciated as we strive to create meaningful and impactful experiences for both our volunteers and the communities we serve.Thank you for your understanding and dedication to our cause.

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TEFL Course in Buenos Aires

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